Community Health Representative and Senior Liaison

Program Philosophy

A wellness journey looks quite different for everyone. Whether it is weight loss, better daily nutrition, dealing with anxiety, healing trauma, or stress, even pain management. The services and programs are offered for a variety of reasons, yet they are beneficial to so many. The regularity of such programs and services are important for support purposes, good habit forming and healing. 

A better choice today results in a healthier tomorrow. A healthier tomorrow leads future generations down paths of endless possibility. All it takes is a baby step toward wellness each and every day.


Regular services: Foot care, Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki

Regular programs: Walk, stretch and balance – a non-judgmental low impact 3x weekly program.

Healthy living: A healthy lunch is served and discussed as well as other topics of interest regarding different areas of health with regular visits from health nurses and a dietician.

Active minds: An assortment of fun games, puzzles and activities are used/played in order to stimulate memory, cognitive ability and hand-eye coordination.

Meditation: A weekly meditation group to help with relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, skill building of the mindful practice, connection to self and the development of tools to use in situations of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and physical pain.

Provides workshops for: Dementia, Arthritis, Selfcare, Nutrition and Diabetes as well as Fall Prevention and assorted healers.

Annual Health Fair provides access to assorted government agencies for support and information purposes.

Rabies and Spay/Neuter Clinics provides discounted rates as well as on reserves access to such services.

Other relevant information

Please contact me if there is content you wish to be covered in programs and workshops or if you need information or assistance in health-related areas. 


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