Moose Deer Point Governance

Goals/Program Philosophy

In accordance with the Moose Deer Point G’chi-naaknigewin (Constitution), we will set out the principles, rules, and structures by which the First Nation shall exercise its jurisdiction.  The G’chi-naaknegewin sets out the relationship between the First Nation governing structure(s) and E-dbendaagzijig (Citizens), including systems of accountability of our First Nation Government to E-dbendaagzijig.

The power and authority of the First Nation to govern flows from the Creator to E-dbendaagzijig, and from E-dbendaagzijig to Eniigaanzijig (Chief and Council) according to custom and law.


  • Utilizing a comprehensive Community Engagement and Consultation Process, ensure the realization of Moose Deer Point’s Governance Agreement for the First Nation.
  • Employing a grass roots approach, develop law content that will form the basis for accountability within the Moose Deer Point First Nation.
  • Through an inclusive method, ensure the interests of all E’dbendaagzijig, on and off reserve, are reflected in the laws of our First Nation



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