The Constitution of Moose Deer Point First Nation

The Pottawatomi of Moose Deer Point First Nation Gchi-Naaknigewin has been an oral tradition since time immemorial. It is a living tree of knowledge, tradition, and customs that have served to guide us through a never-changing world. For the first time in our long history we have begun the process of committing out Gchi-Naaknigewin to writing and settling down our customs of governance in a modern context. Our Gchi-Naaknigewin is intended to continue to be a living tradition that will be reviewed from time to time as determined by e-dbendaagziig. That historic event will be precipitated by the Restoration of Jurisdiction with the Government of Canada, and by our desire to actively engage in partnerships outside the global Indigenous Community. Our Gchi-Naaknigewin is based on our inherit right of self-determination and now gives modern expression to our sovereign authority to govern ourselves.
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