Land Use

Moose Deer Point First Nation

While MDP does not have a lands department or land use plan, we are not an unplanned community. Since our earliest settlement, we have been practicing land use planning.


Residential homes were built around the shores of King Bay and Isaac Bay, allowing members easy access to the water for travel, food, and employment. While mostly swampy and rocky inland, early residents grew gardens in their yards. Family groups tended to build their homes close together. Paths were developed to help members visit each other.  The land around Gordon Bay was understood to be for community buildings and business, Homes were not built there even though there was access to prime shoreline, and it has continued to remain the community’s ‘downtown’.

Our territory marks the dividing line between the northern and southern ecosystems, which makes our territory a unique natural area. We are right next to O’Donnell Point Nature Reserve, a huge provincial park that protects and showcases the unique wildlife and vegetation found in our area. Our community values the healthy wildlife population of muskrats, fox, bear, partridge, and many other species of forest animals and fish. As well, there are over 30 species of reptiles and amphibians in the Nature Reserve and in our community. This is remarkable considering that larger areas, such as Algonquin Park only contain 28 species. Our wetland corridor is very sensitive and home to many rare animals such as the five-lined skink, Massassauga rattlesnakes and Blanding’s turtles.

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