About  Moose Deer Point First Nation

Proudly working together to build a prosperous and healthy environment that promotes independence; honours and respects our values, and enhances our way of life.
To speak with a member of council regarding the MDPFN Land Code, please contact:
Chief Barron King
(705) 375-5209

The Pottawatomi of Moose Deer Point have lived in the Georgian Bay area for over 170 years. Formally registered by the Crown as Moose Point Indian Reserve #79 in 1917, our community is unique in that we were established without a treaty and all of our land is owned in common.  More specifically, our community is made up of three separate parcels of land around the shores of King Bay, Isaac Bay, and Gordon Bay, and we are in the process of having additional land that will connect those three parcels designated as reserve land.

Current membership is about 500 with 200 residents living in 75 homes.  

Moose Deer Point First Nation Land Code Development

Rhonda Williams-Lovett
Phone: (705) 774-4289 
Fax: (705) 375-0532
Email: rhonda.williams-lovett@moosedeerpoint.com


3720 Twelve Mile Bay Road

MacTier, Ontario


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